Tequila tour

This past Saturday I went on the Tequila Tour with the other Fulbright ladies. Tequila is a town not far from Guadalajara, where the vast majority of the world’s tequila is made (as it’s name would indicate). Tequila is produced under rigorous standards and controls in order to protect the industry and the quality of the drink. Although I had been on the tour before, I learned new things about the process of making tequila, as well as sampled some of the goods myself. Here are some photos to illustrate the experience:



Fields of agave, the plant tequila is made from.



After cutting the long leaves with sharp points using a machete, the fruit of the pant is pulled up from under the soil and cleaned with a tool called a jima


This is the fruit cut in half so we could have a taste. It tasted like a dry jicama



More of the fields. 


We also got to tour the Jose Cuervo distillery and see tequila being made firsthand. 


Although “Joe Crow” has a nice ring to it, the correct translation of cuervo is raven





The actual raven Jose Cuervo has on display


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