Real fall

Be careful what you wish for, or what you write on WordPress. Two days ago I wished that fall weather would grace us with its presence in Guadalajara, and I kind of got what I was asking for. Yesterday I awoke to a cloudy sky and chilly breeze. The weather on my Iphone told me it would warm up to around 67F by 2 pm (I tried changing my weather app to Celsius, but that’s the only metric unit that still doesn’t mean anything to me), which seemed like pretty nice weather, so I left wearing a light sweater and ankle boots. Surprise! The weather app was incorrect and the weather remained in the 50’s with some wind and light rain in the afternoon. Today remains the same, with some patches of light blue visible in the sky (although I am dressed for the weather this time and I can enjoy it). 

Without prior knowledge of the turn of the weather, the Fulbright Guadalajara Cooking Club had planned a meeting at my house to make minestrone, atole, and bread. No recipe this time, since I left most of the cooking to the other ladies, but here are some photos of the night:


We took advantage of the generous stove top, at one time having four of the six burners occupied. 



The pot of white liquid being stirred in this photo is the base for our champurrado, which is a variation of atole made with bits of Mexican chocolate.


Cooking is always a team effort






End product – minestrone


Some bread made with pesto and tomatoes to complement the soup.

What a perfect meal for fall!


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