Fiestas de Octubre


During the month of October, a fair sets up on the outskirts of Guadalajara. Essentially a county fair, there are agricultural events, rides, games, concerts, food, and cockfights. This weekend two fellow Fulbrighters were visiting from Mexico City so we decided to check it out.

Before heading to the fair, we went to see a play which was part of the theater showcase sponsored by Jalisco’s department of culture. It was called “La Muerte Alegre” and it was bizarre. Near the end, a small child behind us asked their mother when it was going to be over, we all asked ourselves the same thing.

We took a bus to the Fiestas, but foolishly assumed that just because the bus had the words “Fiestas de Octubre” on it, that it was going in the right direction. We ended up going about 20 mins out of the way when we asked the driver how much longer and he responded that we were going in the wrong direction. We got off, crossed the street and got on another bus which would take us to our destination.


Once at the fair, we rode the Ferris wheel, watched some of the stereophonics concert, rode the mechanical bull and wandered around the fiesta.


The next day we headed to Tlaquepaque. Once it’s own separate city, it now seems like an extension of Guadalajara. However, it is still it’s own city with its own official. They are even creating their own climate action plan!


Tlaquepaque has a few streets with stores and restaurants which have a traditional Mexican feel. We went to a tequila store and sampled some flavored tequila. After from wandering we went to have a traditional lunch at El Albajeño, complete with mariachi.


After lunch, we went to get some
nieve de garrafa, which I think counts as sorbet and is traditional here.


We attempted to watch the Chivas game at a restaurant on Chapultepec, but they weren’t showing it since it was a pay per view game. Instead, we stayed there and chatted until it was time for our friends to head back to Mexico City on their overnight bus.


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