Knock-off enchiladas for one

I want to start this post with a confession. Let the record show that I have a drawer in my fridge dedicated solely to cheese #iamlizlemon


That’s cottage cheese, brie, goat cheese, mozzarella, and panela. I would have more, but I have restrained myself, for now.

With that taken care of, I would like to share my failed attempt to make enchiladas. Enchiladas are probably one of my favorite Mexican dishes, when done correctly. I’ve had some bad enchiladas. One example that sticks out in my memory was from Scripps dining hall: a flour tortilla filled with cheese and onions (I despise onions about 85% of the time) covered in what was surely sauce from a can. It was awful.

Enchiladas aren’t quick and easy, but I attempted to make a quick and easy version. It didn’t quite work out how I wanted, but it worked out for a quick lunch to mildly satisfy the craving.

The ingredients:


Panela – Mexican cows milk cheese, very tasty, takes a while to melt, but it was the only Mexican cheese I hadImage

Herdez green salsa – available in the States, can usually be found in the Heilman fridge. The Mexican version seems a lot spicier


Tortillas – corn, always, don’t even ask about flour. This is roughly a kilo, I only used 3


Step 1. Warm the tortillas. Here I am using a comala common household object much like a griddle. It is perfect for warming tortillas and making quesadillas, but you won’t be making eggs on it or anything like that. You could also use the microwave.


Step 2. Add the ingredients, here panela and the green salsa.


Step 3. Roll up the tortilla with the part where the two ends meet facing down so it stays together. Since I was doing this in a toaster oven on foil this was more important, if you’re making them in a casserole dish it’s much easier to make them stay closed by nestling them together. Side note – you could also use a toothpick, however, I accidentally ingested a toothpick while eating a taco dorado (fried taco – literally “golden” taco) and that made for quite a stressful weekend. My father gave me some comforting words, “Well gees, I hope it doesn’t perforate your intestine.” Yea, me either, Dad…


Step 4. Cover those things with cheese! Panela melts disappointingly, so didn’t turn out too exciting. I popped them into the toaster oven for 30 mins at 350 F.


They came out of the toaster oven looking awful and shriveled, but they were tasty – and part of a colorful meal!


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