Color Run


On Sunday I participated in the international Color Run. It was my first 5K and I wasn’t running for any time objective. I ran with my cousins and my cousin’s kids (small children, who only ran the last kilometer). The Color Run has called itself the “Happiest 5K on the Planet” because around every kilometer volunteered throw colored powder at you with music blasting. It’s really fun! It reminded me of the Indian holiday, Holi, where you throw brightly colored powder at other people in celebration. I celebrated Holi at Claremont and was covered head to toe with colored powder. The powder had some staying power and even though the event was on a Friday, on Monday and Tuesday of that next week you still say some people with color behind their ears. The powder from the Color Run is supposed to be easy to get off, but I still have some green on my elbows and ankles!





Last Friday I went to a soccer game, which could have been the most boring soccer game I have ever been to. The Universidad de Guadalajara Leones played against the Albrijes (sp?) of Oaxaca. The only thing that prevented it from being the most boring game was that there was a singular, good goal by the UdeG. Otherwise, it was more interesting to listen to the chants and eat some tasty potato chips with lime, chile, and a coke.



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