A night at the opera

Last week our trip to the lucha libre served as our cultural activity, but this week our cultural activity was a little bit more high brow. I went with my fellow Fulbrighters to the free music performance at the beautiful Teatro Degollado in downtown Guadalajara. The show for the night included a piano performance and then an opera presentation by the Opera Choir of Jalisco. Before heading to the performance, we went to dinner at El Sacromonte, a Mexican restaurant with exotic dishes like quesadillas con pétalos de rosa (yes, rose petal quesadillas) and chicken with different types of mole (a sauce made of different spices, chiles, nuts and sometimes chocolate depending on the region of Mexico). I had a chicken stuffed with vegetables, while the other girls had chiles en nogada, a traditional dish for this time of year which consists of a green pepper stuffed with meat, nuts, and dried fruit, covered in a white sauce with nuts and covered in pomegranate seeds, to represent the green, white, and red of the Mexican flag. 






This is the cathedral, the two points are a symbol of Guadalajara often seen along with the Minerva in ads for travel to Guadalajara.  


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