Tropical storms Ingrid and Manuel have made their presence known here in Mexico. With storms working on both sides of the Mexican coast, many areas are deeply affected by flooding and uncontrollable rain. National disaster relief funds are being depleted with a good chunk of storm season still remaining. Although the rains haven’t been uncontrollable in Guadalajara, there has been a steady stream of rain since this weekend, Independence Day Weekend, which put a damper on a lot of celebrations. I had a relaxed weekend with some good bits snuggled in bed and other bits eating lots of warm sopa de tortilla and quesadillas away from the rain.

There was a brief break in the rain yesterday, which was good because I went to the Lucha Libre to celebrate a fellow Fulbrighter’s birthday. We began the night at a “British” style pub with a meter of beers and then proceeded to the arena in a red London-style double-decker bus (because, as another Fulbrighter pointed out, “every culture is against drunk driving”). We got to the area part of the way into a lucha, but luckily we made it in time for the women’s fight. Although it was obviously very fake fighting, the costumes and acting were so over the top you couldn’t help but have fun and join in on some of the chants.


A meter of beers


Some lucha action, before I was asked to put my phone away. Apparently no pictures allowed?

In addition to doing research at the UAG, I also enrolled in a French class in order to meet some students closer to my age and do something fun. Due to the storms, our classroom hasn’t had electricity for the past two classes, which is a little dreary. Some of my middle school French has been coming back to me, which will be handy.

These past two days have been very busy, so I’ve been lazy with my meals. However, I made the base for a tortilla española over the weekend, so that post will be coming soon!


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